Birthday Celebration

We love celebrations as much as you do, but it would be a waste if the photos are all taken with a smartphone. Focus on being the heart of the party and leave the photography to us!

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Do we get to keep all the photos?

We will return you as many photos as possible. This makes the event much more worthwhile!

How can payment be made?

Bank transfer ( OCBC ) or by cash during the event day itself . We will issue you an invoice with all the required details in it so fear not!

How long do we take to get the photos?

It will take around a month. Nevertheless, we will update you with the photos periodically.

Will the photos be edited?

We will be adjusting the colors for all the photos

How will the photos be delivered?

We will meet up again to pass you the thumbdrive. Once we are done with the photos, we will let you know.

Can we discuss our ideas with your photographers?

That will be lovely! That’s the best thing that could happen. We would love to create photos through our shared ideas. As said, two heads are always better than one.

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